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The Whiteley Clinic Becomes A Bupa Partnership Hospital Facility

by – November 3, 2014

The Whiteley Clinic is delighted to announce that its specialist clinics in London, Guildford and Bristol are now Bupa Partnership Hospital network facilities.

Over the years we have cared for many Bupa patients and this development represents a broadening of the relationship and will mean that even more Bupa customers needing treatment for their varicose veins will have access to first class treatment at The Whiteley Clinic. Bupa health insurance customers should call their Bupa helpline to pre-authorise any treatment before it takes place.

The Whiteley Clinic offers internationally renowned specialist diagnostic and minimally invasive treatments for varicose veins.  We have also launched our pelvic vein congestion syndrome embolization treatment service at our radiology suite at our Bond Street clinic in central London.

Please call us on 01483 477 180 if you wish to discuss your treatment options for varicose veins

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