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Third birthday for The Whiteley Clinic London!

by – April 18, 2017

Top london vein clinic second anniversary

The Whiteley Clinic London had its third birthday over the Easter weekend!

The Whiteley Clinic in Bond Street

The Whiteley Clinic was founded in 2001 following the introduction of endovenous surgery or “keyhole surgery” for varicose veins into the UK by Professor Mark Whiteley in March 1999. This first operation was performed in Guildford by Mark Whiteley and Judy Holdstock. In 1999 and 2000 Guildford became synonymous with this new pioneering type of varicose vein surgery as Mark and his researchers presented their results worldwide.

Being recognised as world experts in endovenous surgery by 2001, patients started coming to Guildford from all over the UK. In addition, increasing numbers of international patients started coming to us for treatment, as well as foreign doctors to learn the endovenous techniques pioneered at The Whiteley Clinic. Originally patients were treated by The Whiteley Clinic experts, working in one of two private hospitals in Guildford.

With increasing numbers of patients coming for the specialist vein services and also increasing number of doctors coming for specialist varicose vein training, in 2003 The Whiteley Clinic set up a dedicated vein clinic and training centre on the Surrey research Park in Guildford. This remains our central location with an active clinic and our central administration centre, in addition to being the focus of our university-based research projects into varicose veins and venous disease.

Even at that time, many patients want to be seen in London due to easier travel connections from the rest of the UK as well as abroad. Since 2001, The Whiteley Clinic has run small clinics in other facilities in Harley Street and the surrounding area.

By 2013 there was a need to have a dedicated clinic in central London that was easily accessible from all the main travel hubs surrounding the capital city. With research showing that one in seven women with leg varicose veins need Pelvic Vein Embolisation, and with increasing demands for high quality endovenous surgery particularly in patients who had recurrence from attempted treatment elsewhere, there was a clear need for a facility that could perform both endovenous surgery as well as Pelvic Vein Embolisation. Hence we set about building our Bond Street clinic.

Situated in the middle of the medical area of West London, it has both excellent travel links and is only a minutes’ walk away from Harley Street, Wimpole Street, the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal Society of Medicine. It is also located on the ground floor of a four-storey building, with a marble entrance hall and manned reception desk. This gives a discreet service for the large number of celebrities who wish to be treated by The Whiteley Clinic without drawing attention to their presence.

Serving with the London population as well as travellers from all around the UK, Europe and many from further afield, The Whiteley Clinic in Bond Street regularly holds evening clinics and Saturday operating lists in addition to the usual daily service.

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