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Thread vein treatments in Daily Mail – Mark Whiteley featured by Sarah Vine

by – May 15, 2014

In today’s Daily Mail (15th of May 2014), top beauty journalist Sarah Vine has written an article entitled “How to get rid of those pesky little thread veins”.

In the article, Sarah quotes Prof Mark Whiteley as “the best person, in my personal experience”.

Leg thread veins are much harder to treat them was originally thought and proper treatment entails duplex ultrasound scan of the underlying veins to find out if there is a cause that needs to be addressed before the thread veins are treated.

Almost 9/10 people with thread veins have an underlying cause – usually “hidden varicose veins”. Failure to identify these with duplex ultrasound scan and treating them with one of the new local anaesthetic pinhole vein techniques often leads to failure of the thread vein treatment – wasting time and money and sometimes causing permanent damage to the skin.

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