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Top Doctor for Veins – Tatler Guide 2018

by – March 8, 2018

Prof Mark Whiteley Top Doctor for Veins in Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2018

Prof Mark Whiteley Top Doctor for Veins in Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2018

“Top Doctor for veins”. We are delighted to announce that Prof Mark Whiteley has been featured in the influential Tatler “Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide” 2018. This is currently available in newsagents with the April edition of Tatler.

The Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery guides are produced each year and feature the top doctors in many different areas of medicine and surgery.

This year, Prof Mark Whiteley is featured for his work in both legs varicose veins (and associated thread veins) as well as his work pelvic congestion syndrome. Pelvic congestion syndrome comes from pelvic varicose veins.

Mark has been featured each year for the last 10 years in this guide. This year, he is the only vein surgeon to be featured.

Tatler Guides

Tatler is a top society magazine, widely read and respected for the research it does in producing articles and guides.

Tatler produces guides in:

  • Tatler beauty and cosmetic surgery guide
  • Tatler spa guide
  • Tatler travel guide
  • Tatler schools guide

(see: http://www.tatler.com/topic/guides)

Top Doctors in their fields

When producing the beauty and cosmetic surgery guide, Tatler put tremendous effort into selecting, interviewing and reviewing the doctors it features. This is why the Tatler guide has become such an important resource for patients.

Top Doctor experience at The Whiteley Clinic

Mark Whiteley is very keen on education and teaching. As such, he uses his extensive background in research and his experience of treating thousands of patients to develop and maintain The Whiteley Protocol.

This protocol is used by all doctors, vascular technologists and nurses at The Whiteley Clinic to ensure that all patients get a uniform excellence of care. Any patient coming to any of The Whiteley Clinics will be assessed, investigated and treated as directed by The Whiteley Protocol.

This protocol is always being modified as new research becomes available. The Whiteley Protocol is only available at The Whiteley Clinic. As it is a multidisciplinary approach, the only way to ensure optimal investigation and treatment for patients is to keep it within the clinic, where standards can be audited and maintained.

However, Prof Whiteley does pass on his research both as:

Peer-reviewed research papersClick here for research papers


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