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Top independent vein clinic being built in London W1 – The Whiteley Clinic, London

by – January 19, 2014

Specialist vein clinics are needed for the excellent care of varicose veins, thread veins, leg ulcers, phlebitis and other venous conditions.

Reception area - vein clinic

Reception area in new The Whiteley Clinic in London – Build at Jan 2014

The Whiteley Clinic London is being built as a specialist vein clinic, concentrating on excellence of diagnosis by duplex ultrasound and endovenous treatments including a radiological (x-ray) suite for pelvic vein embolization.

Scanning room - vein clinic

Scanning room in the new The Whiteley Clinic – Build at Jan 2014

Unlike many “vein clinics” in the UK that are merely rooms “borrowed” for a few sessions per week, The Whiteley Clinic London is a dedicated vein unit that will be treating patients with venous diseases every day of the week, using the research driven The Whiteley Protocol®.

One Chapel Place

One Chapel Place, London W1 – site of The Whiteley Clinic, London

The Whiteley Clinic, London – open in April 2014.

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