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Totally non-invasive varicose vein surgery

by – November 26, 2020

Today is our second full day this week of treating patients with the new totally non-invasive varicose vein surgery using Sonovein S.

Sonvein S treatment of varicose veins at The Whiteley Clinic November 2020

Sonvein S treatment of varicose veins at The Whiteley Clinic November 2020

Sonovein is a revolutionary technique for treating varicose veins. It uses High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) to treat the veins exactly as if they were being treated by radiofrequency or endovenous laser.

The difference is that radiofrequency or endovenous laser needs to be put inside the vein, whereas HIFU treatment is totally non-invasive.

The Sonovein S machine is placed on the skin overlying the vein to be treated. The ultrasound is used to identify the problem vein. Pulses of HIFU then pass through the skin and into the vein, treating it permanently.

Last year in May 2019, The Whiteley Clinic performed the first HIFU treatment of varicose veins in the UK. Over the last year, we have really improved the technique.

Sonovein S (high speed HIFU) varicose veins treatment.

As if completely non-invasive surgery for varicose veins was not revolutionary enough, the new Sonovein S is a huge step forward.

Sonovein S gives the same completely non-invasive treatment of varicose veins and venous leg ulcers as the original Sonovein. However, it is now over five times faster, and many patients do not even need local anaesthetic.

The first case was done in the UK in October 2020 at The Whiteley Clinic.

Patients come to The Whiteley Clinic for the Sonovein S treatment. They leave a few hours later, walking and without the bruising that comes with radiofrequency ablation or endovenous laser ablation.

As it is such a new technique, not everybody is suitable for Sonovein S treatment. However, thanks to the development and tenacity of the specialist vein doctors at The Whiteley Clinic, and the excellent support from the scientists at Theraclion who make Sonovein S, we are now able to treat more and more different sorts of patients with this new innovative technology.

For more information about Sonovein S, please contact us.

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