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Treating Thread Veins and Spider Veins

by – July 17, 2015

Thread Veins and Spider Veins

If you have thread vein and spider veins, then you might be able to relate to this. Summer is the time of year when we all look forward to peeling off our layers of winter clothing and slipping into a comfortable pair of shorts or cool linen skirt.

But for some women and men, these pesky thread veins and spider veins ruin summer. They can destroy confidence and make people feel very self-conscious of their legs. This can make people covering up all through the the summer months.

What are spider veins and how can I get rid of them?

What are spider veins and how can I get rid of them?

So, what are thread veins and spider veins?

Also known as broken veins or medically known as “telangectasia”, thread veins and spider veins are found in the most superficial layer of the skin known as the dermis. They are minute blood vessels that have become dilated and visible. How noticeable they are will depend on how deep they are situated in this layer of the skin and how wide they are.

They are exceptionally common and affect up to 80% of the population. There is no discrimination when it comes to the sexes as both men and women are almost equally affected.

More often than not, they are associated with an underlying vein problem, even if this can’t be seen on the surface. When there is a vein problem not visible on the surface, it is called “Hidden Varicose Veins” or medically Superficial Venous Reflux (SVR), Superficial Venous Incompetence (SVI) or Chronic Venous Incompetence (CVI).

How are thread veins and spider veins treated?

The most effective way that we have found to eliminate spider veins and thread veins is with a treatment called Microsclerotherapy. It is a relatively straightforward procedure that will destroy these smaller veins and cause them to disappear over time.

As the spider and thread veins are so minute, a tiny needle is used to inject small amounts of sclerosant into the veins. A sclerosant is a liquid that destroys the veins. It irritates the lining of the vein, killing the vein and causing the vein walls to bind together. This prevents blood flow through the veins and over the time the damaged veins are reabsorbed by the body.

However, this only works if any underlying abnormal blood flow has been identified and treated first.

Up to 90% of thread veins and spider vein cases are linked with underlying ‘hidden’ varicose veins. To find these you must have your leg veins examined by Duplex Utrasound Scan before considering Microsclerotherapy treatment.

To achieve the best results, compression tights need to be worn for two weeks after treatment so time your treatment wisely!

What about the spider veins on my face?

The spider veins and thread veins that you see on the face are in no way linked to those that appear on the legs.

They can be caused by a variety of factors such as ageing, smoking, excessive sun and hormones. Various treatments are available, but they respond very well to Electro Surgery which is relatively inexpensive and very effective.

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