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Understanding varicose veins treatment

by – May 2, 2020

Understanding varicose veins treatment is not as easy as you would think. Many people think that laser or radiofrequency actually treat the varicose veins. They do not.

Laser and radiofrequency ablation can be used to treat the underlying veins. It is only when the underlying veins are treated, that the varicose veins can be treated.

Nowadays, even more modern techniques and laser are being used.

In 2019, Prof Mark Whiteley of The Whiteley Clinic introduced microwave ablation into Europe. He used the microwave treatment on Chris Evans who popularised the treatment on virgin radio and television.

Later in 2019, Mark performed the first completely non-invasive varicose vein treatment in the UK. This was performed using High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) using Echotherapy. The machine is called Sonovein.

Understandng varicose veins treatments – Theraclion webinar run by Mark Whiteley 23 April 2020

Understanding varicose veins treatments – Theraclion webinar run by Mark Whiteley 23 April 2020

Understanding varicose veins treatments.

Although many clinics and doctors claim to use new techniques, only The Whiteley Clinic currently offers microwave and HIFU in the UK.

It is because The Whiteley Clinic is at the forefront of vein treatments in the world, that these new techniques are brought to Prof Whiteley and his team first.

Theraclion, who makes Sonovein, set up a webinar for the general public on 23 April 2020. In this webinar, Prof Whiteley explains all about varicose veins and their treatment.

Mark starts off by explaining how veins work. He then explains venous insufficiency and venous reflux, the cause of varicose veins. He then explains why stripping and the old treatments did not work. He goes on to explain how the new techniques work, including the very latest technique, HIFU.

There is then a question and answer session where members of the general public and some other doctors ask questions live. Mark answers these in this hour-long webinar.

If you want to know more about varicose veins and their treatments, you can watch the video in full.
In addition, you will find this information in much more detail in Mark’s books:

And for those who really want to understand the science behind varicose veins and venous disorders:

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