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Varicose veins clinic in Bristol

by – August 27, 2014

Professor Mark Whiteley has opened a specialist varicose veins clinic in Bristol – his home town. Mark was born in Bristol and went to school in Henleaze School before moving to Bath aged 7.

Professor Mark Whiteley and his team at The Whiteley Clinic in Bristol

Professor Mark Whiteley and his team at The Whiteley Clinic in Bristol

Mark has always loved the West Country and still regularly visits family in the South West, as well as making sure he mixes it with watching some local rugby.

Varicose veins clinic in Bristol

Having become a recognised world authority into the treatment of varicose veins and venous diseases such as leg ulcers, Mark has decide to open a branch of his clinic – The Whiteley Clinic – in Bristol. Situated in Litfield House in Clifton, The Whiteley Clinic in Bristol is able to offer:

  • Consultations with vein specialists trained in The Whiteley Protocol®
  • High resolution venous duplex ultrasound by The Whiteley Clinic trained vascular technologists
  • Transvaginal duplex ultrasound for pelvic venous reflux, vulal/vaginal varicose veins/ pelvic congestion syndrome
  • The latest endovenous procedures all performed under local anaesthetic

Varicose veins treatments available

The Whiteley Clinic in Bristol offers the full range of the latest endovenous techniques, all researched at The Whiteley Clinic and, those shown to be effective, are included in The Whiteley Protocol®.

Treatments that are available include:

  • PVE – Pelvic vein embolisation (through the flagship The Whiteley Clinic Bond Street, London)
  • EVLT – Endovenous Laser Therapy
  • RFA – Radiofrequency Ablation
  • TRLOP – TRansLuminal Occlusion of Perforators
  • Foam Sclerotherapy – Ultrasound guided
  • Venaseal “Superglue” for varicose veins
  • Clarivein – MOCA Mechanochemical Ablation
  • Ambulatory phlebectomy
  • Microsclerotherapy for thread veins

The Whiteley Clinic, a specialist varicose veins clinic in Bristol, opened in April 2014.

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