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Varicose veins in Men

by – April 25, 2018

Many people believe that varicose veins only affect women. However, research has proven just as many men experience varicose veins as women.

Unlike women, men tend to be less health-conscious and don’t seek help from their doctors until complications have started.

In the past, people were told that “varicose veins are only cosmetic”. But again research has challenged this misperception with approximately 1 in 20 people with varicose veins deteriorating each year.

When varicose veins deteriorate, patients can get swollen ankles, red or brown skin patches in the lower legs, leg ulcers, clots in the veins or the veins can bleed. Successful varicose vein treatments such as those outlined in The Whiteley Protocol, can cure or prevent these problems.

An example of a male patient with varicose veins and skin damage

A man in his 40s came to The Whiteley Clinic suffering from worsening varicose veins. Not only were the veins becoming more prominent in the lower legs, he was also starting to get brown patches on his lower legs and feet, particularly on the left side.

Before & After

After a specialist venous duplex ultrasound performed, by a The Whiteley Clinic trained technologist, showed that he had a combination of vein problems.  Including reflux in the anterior accessory saphenous vein, a particular vein which is often not treated by other vein surgeons. Also incompetent perforating veins, a condition often not treated in the UK.

This patient was recommended an individual treatment plan using the The Whiteley Protocol. His staged treatment included using endovenous laser ablation and TRLOP closure followed by duplex guided foam sclerotherapy.

Two months after completion of his treatment the varicose veins had disappeared and the brown stains were already improving. His legs were also feeling better with less aching and tiredness.

This patient’s case demonstrates, just how varicose veins can and do deteriorate. However, following treatment via The Whiteley Protocol not only has he had an immediate positive outcome but the recurrence rate of his varicose veins returning are at the lowest possible level.

Early treatment

We would urge any men with varicose veins to seek treatment before they experience complications. If you have varicose veins that are large or your legs are aching constantly or you’ve noticed discoloured skin patches, book an initial consultation appointment today.

With no GP referral necessary, one of The Whiteley Clinic’s consultants will perform a clinical examination of the veins you’re concerned about, explain the underlying cause of the varicose veins and possible outcomes if left untreated. Then go onto explain the best approach for treatment, in line with NICE guidelines.

Initial consultations start from as little as £145 and could be the first step to stop your varicose veins deteriorating.




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