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Varicose veins myths and facts – Ideal Magazine

by – September 2, 2014

There are so many myths about varicose veins that everyone seems to have heard of at least one or two. From “don’t cross your legs or you’ll get varicose veins” to “pregnancy causes varicose veins“.

With varicose veins affecting somewhere in the region of 1 in 3 of the population, it is important to know what information is correct and what can be ignored.

Varicose veins myths and facts

Myths and facts about varicose veins – Professor Mark Whiteley explains in Ideal online

Varicose veins myths and facts

In this article entitled “Unveiling the truth about varicose veins – myth or fact“, Ideal magazine presents explanations by Prof Mark Whiteley. Multiple myths and facts that are commonly passed around are exposed for what they are.

In this article you will be able to read:

  • Does age or weight cause varicose veins?
  • Are varicose veins just a cosmetic problem?
  • Do varicose veins always come back after surgery?
  • Does pregnancy cause varicose veins?

Prof Mark Whiteley explains the latest findings from research into the causes of varicose veins and gives clear and concise explanations to all questions.

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