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Varicose veins open day in Bristol

by – November 18, 2016

A varicose veins open day was held at Litfield House, Clifton, Bristol last Saturday. Mr Mike Rocker, consultant vascular surgeon at The Whiteley Clinic gave a talk about varicose veins and leg ulcers.

After the lecture, Mr Rocker ran free appointments for people who thought they might have varicose veins or vein problems.

Varicose veins open day in Bristol with Mr Mike Rocker of the The Whiteley Clinic November 2016

Varicose veins open day in Bristol with Mr Mike Rocker of the The Whiteley Clinic November 2016

All were given advice and, if there was any doubt about the diagnosis, a limited duplex ultrasound scan was performed by Rachel Walker, clinical vascular scientist at The Whiteley Clinic.

Varicose veins open day series

The Whiteley Clinic is dedicated to bringing the very best varicose vein treatments to its patients.

Based on the prize-winning research and peer-reviewed papers produced from The Whiteley Clinic researchers, The Whiteley Protocol ensures that all patients get the very best treatment currently available.

All doctors, nurses and clinical vascular scientists (previously called vascular technologists) who work at The Whiteley Clinic, follow The Whiteley Protocol. In this way, we can ensure that every patient gets the optimal investigation and treatment.

The varicose vein open day events are coordinated to introduce the concept of The Whiteley Protocol to patients who have varicose veins, leg ulcers or other venous conditions.

These events start with a talk explaining all the latest ideas about varicose veins and how the diagnosis and treatment have radically changed over the last 15 years.

Patients who sign up before the event are then interviewed and examined by a consultant trained in The Whiteley Protocol and, those who need it, have a limited scan to check it is a venous problem.

Each patient then gets a letter of recommendation as to what to do next.

If you’re interested in attending a The Whiteley Clinic open day event, please keep an eye on the following link:

Events at The Whiteley Clinic

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