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Varicose Veins Open Day in Guildford

by – January 28, 2015

Varicose Veins Open Day in Guildford, Surrey

Come and meet our clinical team at The Whiteley Clinic, Guildford on Saturday 14th March. Our varicose veins specialists are hosting a patient open day at our Stirling House clinic , Guildford.

Vascular Technologists at The Whiteley Clinic scanning veins in the legs

Our Vascular Technologists can expertly scan your legs

Complimentary Consultation for Varicose Veins …

Everybody who confirms their attendance to the Varicose Veins Open Day, Guildford will have:

  • a ten minute, complimentary consultation
  • their medical history taken
  • a visual assessment of their legs.

The consultant will tell you if you have varicose veins or other venous condition. If the problem is not clear, then a complimentary scan will be offered.

Complimentary Screening Duplex Ultrasound Scan Of Varicose Veins If Diagnosis Uncertain …

People who don’t have a clear diagnosis will be invited to have a screening scan. This will be a 10 minute duplex ultrasound scan of the leg veins and will be complimentary. The scan will be performed by a The Whiteley Clinic trained vascular technologist specialising in vein disease.

The screening scan will identify if there is an underlying venous condition. It is only needed in people who do not have obvious signs of varicose veins. This is called “hidden varicose veins”.

Hidden varicose veins may be present with other symptoms. These include symptoms such as swollen legs or ankles, or patches of thread veins and spider veins on their legs. In worse cases there can be red or brown marks at the ankles, or eczema. These are all indicators of underlying varicose veins.

The purpose of the event

For guests, the main purpose of the event is for them to establish whether they actually have varicose veins and to gain an understanding of how they can be treated at The Whiteley Clinic using minimally invasive walk in walk out procedures.

In the days following the event, all guests will receive a written overview of their appointment, with an outline of the suggested next course of action for them to take.

Confirm your place

These events have proved exceptionally popular at our other clinics.  To avoid disappointment on the day, it is important that you confirm your place by telephoning 01483 477 180 or send an email to info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk

The Clinic is conveniently located, just off the A3 near to Guildford. For directions you can either look at the contacts page on our website or view via google maps

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