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Varicose veins research – Summer Research Fellows 2016

by – August 26, 2016

The Whiteley Clinic has an international reputation for its varicose veins research. Winning prizes, presenting research at conferences and writing research papers is a constant goal for The Whiteley Clinic.

In addition to the research performed by The Whiteley Clinic staff, Prof Mark Whiteley supervises PhD students through the University of Surrey. Since 2008, The Whiteley Clinic has appointed summer research fellows.

Scott Dos Santos and Irenie Shiangoli - The Whiteley Clinic summer research project 2016

Scott Dos Santos and Irenie Shiangoli – The Whiteley Clinic summer research project 2016

Summer research fellows:

Every summer, The Whiteley Clinic takes on between one and four summer research fellows. Typically between the ages of 17 and 24, the summer research fellows are school leavers, university or medical students, who are prepared to give up a summer for the sake of their career.

The summer research fellows are each given at least one project related to varicose veins research. In addition to their own project, they often help each other out. This increases the research exposure for each fellow but also helps teach teamwork.

The Whiteley Clinic summer research fellows have almost all been very successful. Many have won national and international prizes, presented their research in the UK, America and Europe and have published their research papers in peer-reviewed journals.

The Whiteley Clinic research fellows do not get paid. However, if they complete their projects, they are flown anywhere in the world to present their research. All of their conference expenses and travel are paid for. Not surprisingly, this totals far more than they would earn if they were paid for their time.

With prizes, presentations and research papers published, The Whiteley Clinic research fellows get a head start in their careers that virtually no other institution offers.


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