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Varicose veins treatments TV interview

by – October 25, 2014

Professor Mark Whiteley was interviewed for Endovascular.TV today in Barcelona about varicose veins treatments.  Dr Enric Roche explained to viewers how The Whiteley Clinic was leading the way in endovenous varicose veins treatments. He asked Professor Whiteley his views as to how things were going to progress.

Prof Mark Whiteley being interviewed by Dr Enric Roche in Barcelona on Endovascular TV - about the future of varicose veins treatments and venous surgery

Prof Mark Whiteley being interviewed by Dr Enric Roche in Barcelona on Endovascular TV – about the future of varicose vein and venous surgery

Varicose Veins Treatments with Foam Sclerotherapy

Dr Enric Roche asked about the role of Foam Sclerotherapy in varicose veins treatments. This year Mark Whiteley and his team have won a national prize for Foam Sclerotherapy research. They also described a new technique for making Foam Sclerotherapy (Click here to see Whiteley -Patel technique). In summer they presented an immunohistochemistry study performed between The Whiteley Clinic and the University of Surrey into the effects of sclerotherapy on the vein wall.

With this experience, Prof Mark Whiteley was able to explain which varicose veins are optimally treated with Endovenous Laser and which with Foam Sclerotherapy. This is enshrined in The Whiteley Protocol®.

Pelvic Varicose Veins and Leg Varicose Veins

During the interview, Dr Roche asked about pelvic varicose veins and pelvic congestion syndrome. Prof Mark Whiteley explained about the research being published from The Whiteley Clinic showing that venograms, CT and MRI do not diagnose this condition accurately. The research suggests that the “Gold Standard” test for pelvic varicose veins and pelvic congestion syndrome is Transvaginal Duplex Ultrasound – performed using the Holdstock-Harrison protocol.

This was developed at The Whiteley Clinic by Judy Holdstock (Chief Vascular Technologist) and her colleague, Charmaine Harrison.

Tailoring Varicose Veins Treatments To The Patient

Prof Mark Whiteley explained that now we understand the causes of varicose veins better than we have ever done before, it is now not good enough just to “treat varicose veins” with standard operations. Although a great many doctors still regard varicose vein surgery as “simple” or “routine”, it is for this reason that recurrence rates are so high in many practices, hospitals and clinics.

Prof Mark Whiteley explained the the whole point of The Whiteley Protocol® was to identify the exact cause of the varicose veins or venous problem in each patient. Only when this had been done could varicose veins treatments be individually tailored to each individual patient.

It is by this individual tailoring that The Whiteley Clinic gets such good results:  https://thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk/testimonials/

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