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Vein Man – Prof Mark Whiteley – Tatler, April 2017

by – March 3, 2017

Tatler has published a wonderful two-page article in the April 2017 issue (http://www.tatler.com/). The article focuses on pelvic varicose veins and leg varicose veins.

Professor Mark Whiteley - Vein Man - Tatler 2017

Professor Mark Whiteley – Vein Man – Tatler 2017

The article is a first-hand account written by Suzanne Duckett.

Suzanne came to The Whiteley Clinic with really quite bad varicose veins, and she had not shown her legs for a long time.

She explains how she was investigated and found to have pelvic varicose veins as the cause of her leg varicose veins.

Undergoing the Whiteley protocol, she had a full duplex ultrasound scan of her leg varicose veins performed by a clinical vascular scientist. This is what NICE (National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence) recommends. Many doctors do their own scans, missing the causes of varicose veins in some 30% of cases according to research presented in New York, and is against the NICE guidelines.

This duplex ultrasound scan showed that her leg varicose veins actually arose from the pelvis, not the deep veins in the legs. Research from The Whiteley Clinic has shown that this is the case in 16% of females and 3% of males.

Failure to identify these patients and treat their pelvic veins only results in the veins coming back again.

Suzanne goes on to explain her pelvic vein treatment followed by her leg treatments. You really need to read her article to understand the process from the patient point of view and the excellent result she ended up with.

Prof Mark Whiteley – Vein Man.

Suzanne writes a “warts and all” article about her experiences but notes that if Prof Mark Whiteley had a superhero name it would be “Vein Man”.

Written in one of the top magazines in the world, this article is well worth reading.

The April edition of Tatler is out now. You can buy it from all top newsagents and stores or can subscribe online at: http://www.tatler.com/

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