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Ian Hyland’s veins, pains and ankle stains

by – July 4, 2019

Veins pains and ankle stains in The Mirror & The Express by Ian Hyland

Veins pains and ankle stains in the Daily Mirror and Daily Express by Ian Hyland

This double page article covers Ian Hyland’s misery of recurrent varicose veins and how a revolutionary technique, performed at The Whiteley Clinic, changed everything.

In the article featured in the Daily Mirror, The Daily Mirror Online and the Daily Express Ian Hyland explains how he has suffered from varicose veins for years. He had his very first procedure at the young age of 19. He then had them re-operated on in his 30’s and again in his 40’s.

However, just as most people find with varicose vein surgery done in other hospitals and clinics, the varicose kept coming back.

Through online research Ian Hyland was directed to Prof Mark Whiteley. An initial consultation was arranged at The Whiteley Clinic’s Guilford practice. Prof Whiteley explained why varicose veins come back after most standard treatments and how The Whiteley protocol gets around this. Ian received a full rundown on why his veins had recurred.

He was also told that the brown stains around ankles was a sign of pending leg ulcers around his ankle, and how The Whiteley Protocol would both prevent the ulcers and improve the brown staining. In addition, he had signs of male Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (PCS).

After the correct scans were performed by a Whiteley Clinic trained vasuclar technologist, Ian Hyland was diagnosed as having male PCS by consultant interventional radiologist, Dr David Beckett.

Ian Hyland then goes on to explain his embolization procedure, from how it is performed to how he felt during and after the procedure.

After dealing with the source of his varicose vein problems, and after some healing, it was then time to deal with the varicose veins themselves. This involved 2 walk-in walk-out Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) procedures to treat the major veins, along with transluminal occlusion of perforators (TRLOP) to remove the perforator veins.

Eight weeks later, with the first 2 weeks of having to wear compression stockings, Ian underwent his final procedure, ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy.

In the space of 4 months, Prof Mark Whiteley and Dr Beckett has ended Ian’s 30 years of leg hell. By following The Whiteley Protocol, it was found that the veins had never been treated properly at all! No-one had ever checked his pelvic veins! No-one had found that he had perforating veins. And no-one had ever treated the trucal veins properly.

By following The Whiteley Protocol he now has the lowest probability of recurrence, something that we have proven with our audits over 20 years.

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