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The Whiteley Clinic Academic Day

by – June 4, 2015

The Whiteley Clinic Academic Day

The Whiteley Clinic Academic Day for the advancement of varicose vein treatments was held on Wednesday 4th June.

Members of the clinical teams from all five The Whiteley Clinic locations attended the forum which was held at the Radison Blu Hotel in Guildford.

The event is held every year. It is the opportune time for all clinical staff to exchange ideas and present their research studies and updates on varicose veins treatment techniques.

The day was hosted by Professor Mark Whiteley who opened the day with an update on The Whiteley Protocol™. The Protocol was established to ensure the clinic has a unified and optimal standard of care for it’s patients.  It is regularly updated to include improvements to existing techniques and the introduction of new procedures, many of which have been identified by The Whiteley Clinic research.

Research into varicose veins and vein treatments has always been an integral part of the clinic and it ensures that The Whiteley Clinic is able to provide the very best in vein treatments to it’s patients.

This research ethos has also been adopted by Absolute Aesthetics, the sister brand of The Whiteley Clinic. Updates were presented on how the aesthetics team are using research to improve the quality and effectiveness of the treatments available to it’s patients.

Hembolize™ – New Treatment for Haemorrhoids

Professor Whiteley explained the new The Whiteley Clinic development – Hembolize™ – which is a new walk-in walk out treatment for Haemorrhoids (piles). Uniquely, Hembolize™ gets to the underlying cause of the haemorrhoids, reducing the risks of them ever coming back again in the future.

Hembolize™ is due to be launched nationally in Summer 2015.

Prize winning research

Both Henry Ashpitel and Dr Previn Diwakar presented their recent prize winning research.

Henry is a PhD student from The Whiteley Clinic and University of Surrey and recently won first prize at The Venous Forum, held at the Royal Society of Medicine. He presented on how laser can give the best results, showing how a new laser actually closes the varicose veins that are treated.

Previn updated the clinical team on a new technique developed at The Whiteley Clinic which improves the visualisation of treatment during Pelvic Vein Embolisation. This will further improve the technique and results for female patients suffering with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome, pelvic varicose veins and varicose veins of the vulva or vagina.

Update on Foam Sclerotherapy

Senior Vascular Technologist, Judy Holdstock, chaired a session dedicated to foam sclerotherapy. This is complex procedure and much research has been undertaken by The Whiteley Clinic over the years to improve on it’s use. Judy discussed how the best results can be achieved for every individual foam procedure, taking into account elements such as patient medication and the weather.

Innovative new way to treat varicose veins

The Whiteley Clinic Academic Day finished with Mr Barrie Price presenting his new and innovative technique to treat varicose veins. The procedure has been named the Price “Hedgehog Technique” as the intricate way of treating multiple complex veins, with many cannulas for laser and foam sclerotherapy. During the treatment, the equipment makes the treated area look like it’s prickly namesake. Mr. Price is currently writing a paper on the treatment which will be submitted to international publications for review.


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