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The Whiteley Clinic supports Royal Marines Charity

by – November 13, 2018

This year was the 10th annual Medics Rugby Challenge. This annual rugby match is played to support the Royal Marines Charity. 

Founded by Anthony Lambert, the Medics Rugby Challenge is played at the Plymouth Albion RFC ground. It comprises a whole evening of activities, based around the main rugby match – the Marines versus the “medics”.

This year, the match was held on 6 November. There was an under 16’s match in addition to the big-game, featuring Devonport Services v Ivybridge under 16’s.

In addition, there was a band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines. The whole event was topped off with a meal and auction with proceeds going to the Royal Marines Charity.

whiteley clinics, rugby, Royal Marines Charity

Gareth Francis and Anthony Lambert at the Medics Rugby Challenge November 2018 – Gareth in the The Whiteley Clinic shirt

The Whiteley Clinic shirt sponsors

whiteley clinics, rugby, Royal Marines Charity,

The Whiteley Clinic – Shirt sponsor of the Medics Rugby Challenge November 2018 in aid of the Royal Marines Charity

As pioneers of vein health, The Whiteley Clinic are interested in all areas related to health research and health charities. Because of this The Whiteley Clinic were proud to be invited to be shirt sponsors for the match.

Exercise has proven to be beneficial for vein health. The increased blood flow pumped through the leg veins during walking and running, has major health benefits for the leg veins. This flow reduces the risks of clots, slows any deterioration due to varicose veins or venous reflux, and also causes the vein wall to remain healthier due to Nitric oxide release.

We are also proud to be able to help raise money for such a deserving charity,which looks after wounded Royal Marines.

We were glad that the event went so well this year and look forwards to the Medics Rugby Challenge next year.

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