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You are all awesome – Venous eczema cure

by – July 1, 2020

You are all awesome – The Whiteley Clinic

You are all awesome – The Whiteley Clinic

You are all awesome – this lovely card and chocolates came from a patient today.

She has come to The Whiteley Clinic with venous eczema of her left shin. The eczema and itching used to come and go. However, when the eczema was there, the itching would be severe.

The patient is an ex-nurse. She had heard about the cutting edge treatments at The Whiteley Clinic.

She knew that treating venous eczema means a duplex scan to find which veins had gone wrong. This needs to be done by a specialist vascular technologist to be accurate.

Once the underlying cause is found, then these can be effectively treated by following The Whiteley Protocol.

Venous duplex ultrasonography for venous eczema

You are all awesome – Venous Eczema Cured by Whiteley Protocol

You are all awesome – Venous Eczema Cured by Whiteley Protocol

Unfortunately, many patients get scanned by doctors who do their own scans. Even though the NICE guidelines say doctors treating veins should work in teams, many doctors still work alone.

The result is that they often only look at the large saphenous veins.

Patients with venous eczema usually have a combination of saphenous vein problems as well as perforator vein problems.

Perforator veins are difficult to treat as they are very small and deep. Therefore many doctors ignore them. This results in varicose veins coming back and failing to get rid of venous eczema.

In 2001, Mark Whiteley and Judy Holdstock invented the TRLOP technique to close perforators. This is a local anaesthetic procedure using just one needle.

This patient had stage I of The Whiteley Protocol. Her saphenous vein and perforators were all closed successfully. Within four weeks, have venous eczema has almost completely gone.

She is still due to have stage II (ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy) which will further improve her and reduce her risk of ever having a problem again.

If you have venous eczema, please contact us to ask any questions or book an appointment to see our experts.

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