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The Rafaelo Procedure – a safe, effective and reliable treatment for the removal of haemorrhoids/piles


AI Classification Score – C41 Penetrating Minimally Invasive

What is The Rafaelo Procedure?

The Rafaelo Procedure Logo The Rafaelo Procedure is a safe and effective treatment for internal haemorrhoids, using the established technology of radio frequency ablation, it gets to the root cause of the condition.

The procedure can achieve the same outcomes as a haemorrhoidectomy, but with the benefits of being a less painful, walk in walk out procedure, performed under local anaesthetic and with a much lower chance of recurrence. This enables the patient to pursue their daily activities almost immediately after treatment.

The standard treatment options for suffers aren’t great. One of the most common procedures is called a haemorrhoidectomy, which is carried out under general anaesthetic and involves a surgeon cutting out the haemorrhoid and removing any excess tissue. This causes significant pain and discomfort post procedure, normally taking a week or so to recover, with a high chance of recurrence.

Unlike these other invasive procedures, The Rafaelo Procedure only takes around 15 minutes and has minimal pain post procedure. It has successfully treated over 2,000 patients over 3 years, with outstanding results and The Whiteley Clinic is delighted to be able to offer our patients this life changing procedure.


  • Walk in walk out procedure
  • Performed under local anaesthetic
  • Minimal aftercare
  • Relives symptoms almost immediately
  • Can be used to treat all grades of internal haemorrhoids
  • No need for long hospital stays
  • Immediate return to daily activities
  • Minimal discomfort and pain
  • Great long term results

How does it work?

The Rafaelo Procedure can be used effectively on all grades of internal haemorrhoids. It is generally carried out under local anaesthetic and the colorectal surgeon uses radio frequency technology to treat the haemorrhoid.

The area around the haemorrhoid is anaesthetised to avoid any discomfort. Radio frequency energy is then applied to the haemorrhoid, which reduces the blood flow and causes it to shrink and eventually disappear. This often only takes one 15 minute treatment session and requires minimal post-operative after-care. Symptoms should improve almost immediately.

All patients suffering from haemorrhoids are suitable for the procedure, including those with external haemorrhoids. It is ideally designed to treat internal haemorrhoids, grades 1-3, but some grade 4 haemorrhoids may be reduced as the procedure treats the internal component, which then shrinks the external component, making it easier for subsequent surgery if needed.

If you are interested in The Rafaelo Procedure or would like more information, please contact us at info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk or call us on 0843 902 2007


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