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What happens to the veins in the pelvis once we’ve embolised them?

by – June 7, 2016

Linda from Gloucester sent in a very good question about pelvic vein embolisation. She’s asked us, what happens to the veins in the pelvis once we’ve embolised them?

“In medicine embolisation often means something flying off, but that’s not what’s meant when we use the term in pelvic vein embolisation.

In pelvic vein embolisation, what we do is we actually put coils down into the vein so we actually stopped that vein from working.

What the research shows is provided it’s done properly using The Whiteley Clinic techniques, the coil or foam sitting inside that vein makes that vein die and shrivel away permanently.

Or though it may sound frightening to hear a vein dying, it’s actually a process called apoptosis and that means that when that vein disappears it goes into just scar tissue and can never open up again.

Because we use transvaginal duplex ultrasound scan using our specialist scanners to target exactly the veins you want to target and because we use embolization which permanently get rid of those veins, that’s why our patients get such good results.”

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