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Vein Health Awareness

Time to be vein – Website Banner for Vein Health Awareness – Launched by The Whiteley Clinic

Time to be Vein!

To mark Vein Health Awareness Week (21st – 27th September 2020), leading venous expert Professor Mark Whiteley, and his specialist team, are on a mission to educate all across the UK about the importance of good vein health and what to do if you think you have a venous problem.


VVisible veins on the surface of the skin or just under

EEnlarged veins that are blue or dark purple in colour

IItchy, sore skin over your veins and discoloration

NNodular, bulging or twisted veins

SSwollen, achy or heavy legs and ankles

During Vein Health Awareness month, we’ll be sharing information about varicose vein conditions, giving you tips to keep your veins healthy and encouraging you to ask us anything. You can ask us, show us or share anything you’re concerned about and we’ll give you an expert answer.

To follow and join in Vein Health Awareness Month, please use #TimeToBeVein #veinhealth.

Read more on www.veinhealthawareness.co.uk