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Venous leg ulcer cured without compression

by – June 8, 2017

This lady had her leg ulcer cured at The Whiteley clinic. She been suffering from a painful venous leg ulcer since 2000. She had undergone the usual compression bandaging by her district nurses. The ulcer had temporarily healed on several occasions.

Venous Leg Ulcer cured by Whiteley Protocol - no compression needed - The Whiteley Clinic

Venous Leg Ulcer cured by The Whiteley Protocol® – no compression needed – The Whiteley Clinic

The problem was, every time the compression was taken off, the ulcer would come back again. This is because compression does not cure ulcers. Tt only heals them temporarily. If the underlying cause of the ulcer (usually hidden varicose veins) isn’t treated, it is obvious that the ulcer only come back again.

In 2016, after 16 years of getting her painful leg ulcer back, again and again, she found out about The Whiteley Clinic.

At The Whiteley Clinic, she was investigated and treated by The Whiteley Protocol®.

Our specialist venous duplex ultrasound scan showed that she had hidden varicose veins – great saphenous, small saphenous, perforating veins and a sub-ulcer plexus of stasis veins.

She underwent 2 procedures as recommended by The Whiteley Protocol:

1] endovenous laser ablation using The Whiteley Protocol® settings and TRLOP closure of perforators

After eight weeks:

2] Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy to the sub-ulcer plexus

Over the next few weeks the ulcer became less painful and after three months, completely healed.

She is now able to walk normally, completely pain-free, and does not need any compression at all.

Once the underlying hidden varicose veins have been treated, there is no reason that compression is needed as the blood flow has been corrected completely.

Venous leg ulcer treatment in the UK

Most patients with venous leg ulcers are still treated with compression bandaging.

Research from the 1990s showed that venous leg ulcers are usually due to varicose veins or hidden varicose veins.

The Whiteley Protocol® has shown that 85% of venous leg ulcers can be permanently cured using endovenous surgery is performed by The Whiteley Clinic techniques. (see: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22833505)

52% of these patients never need compression again. Only those with significant swelling, either from immobility or lymphoedema need any compression at all.

There are estimated to be 500,000 people in the UK with venous leg ulcers. If all of them were assessed and those that are suitable were treated with The Whiteley Protocol®, this number would be dramatically reduced, saving the UK huge amounts of money and giving patients a far better quality-of-life.


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