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Get your legs ready for summer

by – February 5, 2015

Get your legs ready for summer

With the weather outside being so cold and miserable, now is the ideal time to act and get your legs ready for summer.

Get your legs ready for summer

Varicose veins can influence choice of clothing

Our patients tell us that the appearance and discomfort caused by their varicose veins will influence their choice of clothing and activities during the summer months. If varicose veins or spider veins have previously spoilt your enjoyment of summer, now is the perfect time to get a treatment plan put together.

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Using our internationally recognised *Whiteley Protocol we can ensure that :

  • Your underlying problem is correctly identified
  • A comprehensive treatment plan is put into action – using our 3 Stage Treatment Plan which also includes preventative measures to avoid recurrence
  • Remaining red, purple and blue superficial veins or spider veins are eliminated

Winter brings the opportunity to cover up the legs with trousers and tights, allowing us to get your treatment underway. With the time needed for the veins to look good after treatment, now is the time to act to make sure that your legs are healthy and looking in tip top condition ready for the summer.

*The Whiteley Protocol®

The Whiteley Clinic has always led the way in the development of non-surgical treatments for varicose veins, spider veins and phlebitis. The results of our on-going research are the foundation of The Whiteley Protocol. This was devised specifically to identify the underlying cause of varicose veins in patients. The Protocol assures our patients that they will have a consistent standard of treatment and care. This is regardless of which Consultant they choose to see at any of our clinics.

The Protocol is constantly monitored and updated with the results of the research and our patient feedback.

National Institute for Healthcare and Excellence (NICE)

Since The Whiteley Clinic first introduced endovenous surgery in the UK over a decade ago, we have been at the forefront of varicose vein research and treatments. Now the National Institute for Healthcare and Excellence (NICE) has produced guidelines which echo everything we have been saying.

Further reading on the NICE Guideline CG168 for varicose veins can be found here

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