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How To Get Rid Of Leg Veins – For Good

by – May 18, 2016

Abnormal leg veins, such as varicose veins and spider veins, are very common. Most people believe that they “always come back” after treatment.

However the Whiteley Protocol®, developed by Prof Mark Whiteley and his research team, have reduced recurrence after treatment to a minimum.

How to get rid of leg veins - for good! Article by Rebecca Barnes for Belle about town - her experiences of having varicose veins treated by Prof Mark Whiteley

How to get rid of leg veins – for good! Article by Rebecca Barnes for Belle about town – her experiences of having varicose veins treated by Prof Mark Whiteley

In the article “How to get rid of leg veins – for good!”, journalist Rebecca Barnes explains her own treatment with Prof Whiteley.

Rebecca had varicose veins and thread veins (aka spider veins). She explains how she underwent a full assessment.

As recommended by the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), members of the The Whiteley Clinic work in specialist teams. A consultant assesses the patient clinically. A specialist vascular technologist then performs an in-depth venous duplex ultrasound scan. Some practices have the doctor assessing the patient and doing their own scan. Research from America in 2014 shows that this results in at least 30% of the problem veins being missed!

With the results of her in-depth scan, Rebecca goes on to explain her treatment. This is performed in stages as outlined in The Whiteley Protocol®.

It is well worth reading Rebecca’s account. Many people try to say that the new varicose vein techniques are completely “painless”. In fact they are a lot less painful than older methods. However to completely destroy the veins and to stop them coming back again in the future, there will always be some discomfort. It is impossible to destroy tissue permanently without some inflammation and therefore discomfort.

Can leg veins really be got rid of for good?

There is a common myth “varicose veins always come back”. Indeed, the way that many doctors treat varicose veins, this is probably true.

Research from the The Whiteley Clinic has shown that stripping varicose veins causes most to grow back again. Patients who get varicose veins back again after treatment often have gone to doctors who do not check for pelvic varicose veins. Mounting evidence is also suggesting that the failure to identify incompetent perforating veins leads to recurrence.

The Whiteley Protocol was invented to reduce the risk of varicose veins ever coming back again. It is not meant to be a single quick operation. Nor is it meant to be cheap. It is meant to be tailored to exactly what is wrong with each patient. Therefore amount of treatment and total cost depends totally on what is actually going wrong in each patient.

By having this tailored approach to every patient, and using our extensive research, we can get the recurrence rates down to 3.3% per year. As this is the same rate as people susceptible to varicose veins developing new varicose veins every year, it is impossible for anyone to get better than these results.

The Whiteley Clinic regularly audits its results to ensure varicose veins recurrence rates stay at this lowest level that it is possible to achieve.

To read article, link: http://belleabouttown.com/beauty_wellbeing/how-to-get-rid-of-leg-veins-for-good/

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