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Guildford Innovation Awards 2020

by – December 18, 2020

Guildford Innovate Awards 2020

Surrey Research Park in partnership with Guildford Borough Council and the University of Surrey hosted this year’s Guildford Innovation Awards at a virtual awards ceremony.

Innovation in Healthcare Award.

Guildford Innovation Awards 2020 - Innovation in Healthcare Award

Guildford Innovation Awards 2020 – Innovation in Healthcare Award was won by Virtual Cath Lab

Hosted by Prof Jim Al-Khalili, the finalists for the Healthcare award were:

  • Naked Pharmacy
  • Peoplespace Limited
  • Virtual Cath Lab

The winners of the innovation in healthcare were Virtual Cath Lab.

Virtual Cath Lab Surrey has created a service to offer Cardiologists and GP’s direct access to CT heart scans.

Innovation in Healthcare – The Whiteley Clinic.

The Whiteley Clinic has always been based on innovation. It was first set up following the introduction of endovenous surgery into the UK by Mark Whiteley in March 1999.

Mark and his team went on to invent the TRLOP technique, and have developed an understanding of how endovenous surgery works. By understanding the mechanism, they have been able to develop the Whiteley Protocol.

The Whiteley Clinic’s audited results show that they have got the risk of recurrent varicose veins to a minimum by using this approach.

This year alone Mark has been the first to introduce the Microwave Ablation technique (as seen and heard of by Chris Evans of Virgin Radio UK whom had his veins treated by Mark). Along with Echotherapy Treatment (HIFU – SONOVEIN), in which both are currently only available in the UK at The Whiteley Clinic.

Through Mark’s strong passion for research and innovation, he has gone on to win second prize at the American Vein and Lymphatic Society (AVLS) 2019, for his presentation on High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) in the Treatment of Incompetent Superficial Veins and Perforating Veins – a Report of our Early Experience.

As a natural innovator, Mark is very happy that his company sponsors this very interesting and important award.

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