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Haemorrhoids – Don’t Sit On The Problem!

by – November 7, 2018

Many people avoid the topic of Haemorrhoids with their doctor or health team because they find the condition difficult to talk about so simply live with the pain and discomfort.

If you have searched for any home remedies for piles you would have found many creams and other formulas to try and help with the pain. But have you found that they have worked? If not it might be time to try more of a long term solution.

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80% of us will suffer with Piles at some point in our lives. Is it time to treat yours?


The Rafaelo Procedure is a tried, tested and proven relief option for people who suffer with Piles. There is minimal after care required and you can return back to your daily routine also immediately.

At The Whiteley Clinic we ensure that our services and treatments are discreet so you feel comfortable throughout your journey. To book a consultation or for more information about the procedure please call our friendly team on 0330 058 1850.

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