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How The Whiteley Clinic Changed Medical Practice

by – March 15, 2024

In the realm of vein treatments, few private clinic’s command as much respect and admiration as The Whiteley Clinic. Founded by Professor Mark Whiteley, this renowned clinic has been at the forefront of innovation and excellence for over 2 decades. As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of endovenous closure in the UK, pioneered by Prof. Whiteley and Judy Holdstock, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the clinic’s remarkable journey and its enduring impact on patient care.

A Legacy of Innovation

On 12th March 1999, Mark Whiteley and Judy Holdstock performed the first endovenous operation for varicose veins in the UK1. Previously, varicose veins were stripped under general anaesthetic, causing bruising, scars, and pain. Patients usually needed 2 weeks off work and could not drive. Worse still, prize-winning research by The Whiteley Clinic showed stripping encourages varicose veins to grow back again.2,3

Our pioneering work in endovenous surgery marked a significant milestone in the treatment of venous conditions, offering patients a minimally invasive, walk-in and walk-out option with fewer complications and less chance of recurrence.

Setting New Standards

The Whiteley Clinic’s commitment to setting new standards of care has been instrumental in its success. The groundbreaking research and clinical trials, undertaken by various experts at The Whiteley Clinic, have not only advanced our understanding of venous disease but have also paved the way for safer, more effective treatments.

Personalised Patient Care

At the heart of The Whiteley Clinic’s success lies a deep commitment to personalised patient care. By addressing each patient’s specific pattern of reflux, and using the optimal techniques developed at The Whiteley Clinic, each patient has a personalised treatment plan. As with many areas of medicine, a tailored approach to each individual results in the best possible outcomes.

This is why a “price per leg” approach adopted by many shows that they don’t understand the complexity of venous disease. Indeed, The Whiteley Clinic frequently cures patients who have been told that they are “Too Difficult to Treat” as few have mastered the techniques needed for complex vein patterns.

Unlike most doctors in the UK, all The Whiteley Clinic doctors are monitored by The College of Phlebology Venous Registry, giving patients piece of mind that no results are hidden away. By monitoring patient outcomes over many years, the advantages to patients of The Whiteley Protocol® are becoming apparent.

The Importance of Vein Treatment

The importance of seeking timely vein treatment cannot be overstated. Venous conditions, if left untreated, can possibly lead to a host of serious complications, including venous leg ulcers4. These ulcers are not only painful and debilitating but can also have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life. By addressing venous issues early on, patients can prevent the progression of their condition and avoid the potentially devastating consequences of venous leg ulcers.

Ground breaking techniques – Sonovein and Non-invasive surgery

25 years on, The Whiteley Clinic continues to lead the way in venous treatments. The next thing from “pin-hole” endovenous surgery, is total non-invasive treatment using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU). Using the Sonovein machine, ultrasound is beamed through the skin, shrinking the vein away. This technique is the next big leap in venous treatments5.

The Whiteley Clinic performed the first HIFU varicose veins treatment in the UK in 2019 and has the only Sonovein HIFU machine in the UK. Early results show it to be very promising5, and many patients who do not want endovenous surgery which requires a catheter pushed into their veins are already coming for Sonovein treatment.

Looking to the Future

The Whiteley Clinic has won the GHP “best varicose vein clinic in the UK” award for the last 5 years and continues to get excellent Trustpilot and Doctify reviews. By being monitored by The College of Phlebology Venous Registry, The Whiteley Clinic shows it is proud of its results and is not hiding away from scrutiny.

By putting excellence of care and outcomes for patients at the forefront of their research, The Whiteley Clinic continues to attract patients from all over the UK and from abroad. With clinics already open in London, Guildford, Bristol, Bournemouth and Henley-on-Thames, The Whiteley Clinic is planning to open up a series of clinics all over the UK, making access to its specialist services even easier for patients.

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