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International patients coming to The Whiteley Clinic

by – June 1, 2020

International patients coming to The Whiteley Clinic

Many international patients with venous disease of legs, or pelvic venous disease (pelvic congestion syndrome) come to The Whiteley Clinic in England for our specialist treatments.

During the current Covid-19 pandemic, there has been concern that travel to the UK requires quarantine for 14 days and nights.

This would make treatments very difficult for our international patients, as it would require a long period of time in the UK.

However, the current UK guidelines for quarantine exempts individuals arriving for prearranged treatment:

“an individual arriving to attend pre-arranged treatment, when receiving that treatment in the UK. Healthcare means all forms of healthcare including mental and physical health. There are also exemptions for live donors and those accompanying the individual, for example a carer or a child”

Click here for the reference to the above statement.

All of our clinics are reopening under our approved “Covid-secure” protocols.

However, this is clearly a very fluid situation and changes can always occur. This information is correct as of the 31 May 2020.

Hence, we would encourage any patient from outside of the UK who is wishing to come to The Whiteley Clinic to contact us so we can update our international patients on any changes that might occur.

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