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Mr Paul Herbert in the Spotlight

by – October 1, 2020

Healthcare Innovations magazine - Vein Surgery in London

Mr Paul Herbert of The Whiteley Clinic discusses his area of expertise with Healthcare Innovations

Recently featured in the Health Care Innovations segment, distributed with the Daily Mail, Consultant Venous Surgeon Mr Paul Herbert provides a look into his career and why he chose venous surgery as one of his career paths.

Paul Herbert is a Consultant Surgeon at both the Imperial College NHS Trust and The Whiteley Clinic. In addition to these roles, Paul is also the Director of Clinical Studies for the Hammersmith site and Surgical Lead for the transplant and access surgical group.


He qualified from Charing Cross medical school (part of Imperial) in 1997 and trained in general, vascular and transplantation.

During his training, Paul Herbert also undertook a PhD in transplantation biology and has published widely.

Whilst Paul had trained in vascular surgery, he gained a keen interest in venous surgery. Many people struggle with varicose veins and the consequences that can occur should one not treat their venous conditions can include skin changes, venous eczema and even leg ulcers. All of these are usually treatable with modern techniques and following The Whiteley Protocol.


Why The Whiteley Clinic

Having worked in many vascular units Paul has a broad experience of venous surgery and has seen it evolve from an open procedure to the modern minimally invasive techniques used today, in which he has trained and some of which are exclusively available to The Whiteley Clinic.

What sets The Whiteley Clinic apart is that we offer high-quality vein surgery, the world’s most advanced venous treatment options all with which utilises The Whiteley Protocol, which stems from decades of research and culminates into bespoke treatment plans for every patient.

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