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The Whiteley Clinic on Channel 4 – Never Seen a Doctor

by – May 7, 2016

Never seen a doctor - Channel 4 - The Whiteley Clinic

The Whiteley Clinic featured on Channel 4

Professor Mark Whiteley and The Whiteley Clinic featured on Channel 4’s Never Seen a Doctor on Wednesday 11th May.

Hosted by Katie Piper, Never Seen a Doctor is a new medical program on Channel 4. The program features patients who have disfiguring or worrying medical conditions and each patient is interviewed, showing how their medical problem affects their life.

Episode 2 shows Robin who has severe varicose veins, as he is followed through his assessment and treatment at The Whiteley Clinic. As with all of our patients, Robin’s treatment follows our research based treatment plan known as The Whiteley Protocol®.

Having always thought that his condition was cosmetic Robin is assessed by Prof Mark Whiteley who explains his condition to him. He undergoes an in-depth venous duplex ultrasound examination performed by Judy Holdstock, a The Whiteley Clinic trained vascular technologist.

Based on these findings, Mark discusses the best treatment, tailored to Robin’s own individual pattern of varicose veins. This tailoring of treatment to each individual patient is the reason The Whiteley Protocol® was developed.

The patient then has the treatment under local anaesthetic.

The Whiteley Protocol®

The Whiteley Protocol® reduces the risk of getting any varicose veins back again as low as is possible. It was developed over 20 years by Prof Mark Whiteley and his team, based on their multiple prize-winning research. This, and the excellent cosmetic results, are the reason why the patient satisfaction remains so high.

For more information on the treatment of varicose veins, please see our website. Alternatively, contact us using the contact form, email at info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk or call us on 01483 477180.

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