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Pelvic congestion syndrome research presented in Milan

by – October 16, 2015

Pelvic congestion syndrome research is a priority of The Whiteley Clinic. We have been studying and treating pelvic veins  since 2000.

Prof Mark Whiteley presented his team’s research into pelvic congestion syndrome at a medical conference in Milan yesterday.

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Prof Mark Whiteley presenting The Whiteley Clinic research and results in Milan 15 Oct 2015

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Prof Mark Whiteley presenting The Whiteley Clinic research and results in Milan 15 Oct 2015

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Research

Where it started:

The Whiteley Clinic is world famous for it’s award winning research into varicose veins and varicose veins treatments (see here).

In 1999 Prof Mark Whiteley realised that some leg varicose veins were coming from pelvic varicose veins. At first he could not get anybody interested in helping treat these patients. Indeed the first radiologist to work with him insisted that Prof Whiteley took responsibility for any problem that arose from treating the pelvic veins!

Indeed, we have shown that failure to identify and treat pelvic varicose veins in women with leg varicose veins is a major cause of varicose veins recurring after surgery (https://thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk/research/published-research/varicose-veins-come-back-dont-check-pelvic-veins/).

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome:

Now, increasing numbers of patient come with pelvic pain or discomfort and no varicose veins at all – or varicose veins of the vulva and vagina.

Time has shown that treating pelvic varicose veins (the cause of pelvic congestion syndrome) our way is safe and very beneficial for patients. As such, many doctors are now following our lead.

Research from the The Whiteley Clinic has shown:

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Service

The Whiteley Clinic in Bond Street is setting up a dedicated pelvic congestion syndrome service consisting of:

  • A team consisting of a Vascular Surgeon (Phlebologist), Gynaecologist, Interventional Radiologists and The Whiteley Clinic trained Vascular Technologists
  • A dedicated pelvic embolisation theatre set up for walk-in, walk-out procedures saving risks and expense of sedation or general anaesthetic
  • A research backed practice from our award winning research team.

If you wish to find out more, please e-mail (info@thewhiteleyclinic.co.uk) or telephone us through our contact pages:


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