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Permanent cure for leg ulcers

by – February 25, 2015

Permanent cure for leg ulcers – research

A permanent cure for venous leg ulcers is possible for the majority of sufferers.

Permanent cure for leg ulcers after venous surgery at The Whiteley Clinic

A venous leg ulcer patient – 12 weeks post treatment

Research undertaken and published by The Whiteley Clinic has proved that venous leg ulcers can be cured.

The results were published in the Phlebology journal of venous disease and presented at the National Medical Student Research Conference held in London in 2011.

The Study

The Whiteley Clinic study took 12 years to complete and looked back at the healing rates of leg ulcers.

Seventy two patients had their leg ulcers treated at The Whiteley Clinic between March 1999 and June 2011. The patients were treated using The Whiteley Protocol. The Protocol makes sure that the underlying cause of the ulcer is identified and treated.

The patients who took part in the study had previously been told that their ulcers could not be cured and they would permanently need compression bandaging.

After investigation and treatment, 85% of the leg ulcers were cured and did not recur.

The Team

The study team was formed of staff from The Whiteley Clinic, headed up by Professor Whiteley. The team  consisted of :

Barrie Price (Consultant Venous Surgeon and Consultant Phlebologist)
Judy Holdstock (Chief Vascular Scientist)
Charmaine Harrison (Vascular Technologist)

Charlotte Thomas (The Whiteley Clinic summer research fellow in 2010 and medical student)

Benefits to the patient

Most patients with a venous leg ulcer are curable by following The Whiteley Protocol. Most patients can return to a completely normal life and do not even need support stockings.

Interesting points to note

On average, the cost of curing a leg ulcer is the same cost of 1 year of compression dressing with nursing time. By the second year of a cure, it saves money to have cured the leg ulcer.

Follow this link if you would like to read the Abstract ‘A permanent cure for leg ulcers after venous surgery’ in full

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