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Treatment for forehead veins and other facial veins

by – January 10, 2018

The treatment for forehead veins relatively new. Many patients have very prominent veins on the forehead. These can be worse when a patient smiles or strains. Often these lead to a great loss and self-confidence as they show up in photographs, or are prominent socially.

Because they bulge, they are very hard to disguise with make-up. The bulge causes a shadow in most lighting. Fortunately they are quite deep and so rarely show any colour.

Before and after treatment for forehead veins - at The Whiteley Clinic Jan 2018

Before and after treatment for forehead veins – at The Whiteley Clinic Jan 2018

Many different treatment options have been tried in the past. The veins are too big and too deep for laser to be used from externally in the majority of cases. Injections of sclerotherapy run the risk of spreading through the veins in the orbit, and potentially towards veins in the brain.

Therefore we have developed an ultrasound-guided technique of removing these veins under local anaesthetic.

Although not perfect in everyone, the results are improving dramatically as can be seen in this case.

This young lady had a very large vein with several tributaries (“branches”) on her forehead. This was very prominent all of the time. Whenever she went out in the evening, low lighting would catch the vein causing shadows on her forehead. It made her embarrassed to be photographed.

She came to see Prof Mark Whiteley at The Whiteley Clinic. She went through the pros and cons of treatment with him and decided to proceed.

The whole procedure was performed in 45 minutes. There were no stitches externally. It was a walk-in, walk-out procedure under local anaesthetic.

She went home an hour after the end of the procedure, wearing a hat. Two days later she was able to hide the little scars with make-up. Although some patients do get bruising for two or three weeks, she only had bruising for two days.

She was seen four weeks after the procedure and the photograph shown was taken. The patient was thrilled with the procedure and said it had changed her life. Only one scar was even visible, and then only looking very hard.

Increasing numbers of patients are coming for this treatment. Most patients get a very good result first time. Sometimes, particularly in men with extensive or very big forehead veins, a second procedure might be needed.

We are keeping our records of our patients and will be publishing our results in a medical journal this year.

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