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Varicose Veins Research Wins Prize

by – February 26, 2019

Varicose veins research from The Whiteley Clinic has won another international prize.

Prize Winning Poster on Varicose Veins Research from The Whiteley Clinic – 1st Prize for Best Research Poster AVF 2019

Prize Winning Poster on Varicose Veins Research from The Whiteley Clinic – 1st Prize for Best Research Poster AVF 2019

Charlotte Davies was the main investigator in the project. Prof Mark Whiteley supervised the research. He came up with the original idea. Charlotte was a research fellow at the clinic. She is now a medical student, helped by her research experience.

The poster won first prize for best research poster at the American Venous Forum.

The American Venous Forum

The American Venous Forum is an American medical society.  It dedicates itself to the advancement of venous understanding and treatment. The 2019 Annual Meeting took place at Rancho Mirage, California, USA.

Those involved in venous research from all around the world attend the meeting. Research units send their research results in as abstracts, and the best are selected for presentation either orally or by poster.

Poster presentations include a three-minute question and answer session with judges. The judges mark the poster on content, presentation and how questions are answered.

This year, researchers from The Whiteley Clinic presented three research projects by poster presentation.

Prize Winning Varicose Veins Research

Title of the prize-winning research poster:

  • Laser power output from the fibre tip during EVLA is not always what the machine displays
    CE Davies, EB Dabbs, H Ashpitel, J L Nemchand, MS Whiteley

This project shows that endovenous laser can be inconsistent between patients. The laser appears to produce less power during the first treatment of the day compared to subsequent treatments.

This is a new observation and was previously unknown.

How Varicose Veins Research Impacts Patients

It is because we continually perform research and audits that we can ensure all of our patients get the optimal treatment. We do this by continually updating The Whiteley Protocol.

All of our doctors and vascular technologists follow The Whiteley Protocol. In this way, we can make sure that all of our patients get optimal treatment. This is independent of which doctor supervises their care at The Whiteley Clinic.

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