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Lockdown health video advice for veins

by – April 16, 2020

During the current lockdown health is important to everyone.

Although most people think about their weight, many people forget about their veins.

15-20% of the adult population have varicose veins. Another 15-20% of the adult population have “hidden varicose veins” and can’t even see them on the surface.

Anyone with varicose veins or “hidden varicose veins” is at a higher risk of blood clots. Medically, blood clots in veins are called “thrombosis”. Such clots can be “phlebitis” or deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

The simplest way of reducing the risks of thrombosis in veins is exercise.

However, good nutrition, hydration and elevating your legs at rest are also important.

We have produced this simple video to help people remember to keep their veins healthy, reducing the risks of deterioration of varicose veins or any blood clots.

Of course in the long term, the best way to prevent thrombosis in veins is to make sure any varicose veins have been treated properly with the latest techniques.

However, although you can have a video consultation to line this up, treatment will only resume when the lockdown is over.

In the meantime, take the advice in the video and keep your veins healthy.

If you do have any questions about your veins or want a video consultation with one of our vein specialists, please do contact us.

Lockdown health video for vein health

Lockdown health video for vein health – Click on picture to see video on YouTube

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