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Thread Veins – What Lies Beneath?

by – August 22, 2018

Thread veins are the very fine, red veins that can occur on the surface of the lower or upper leg. Broken veins or spider veins are other . These veins are very common,  80% of both men and women will have them at some point in life.

Although many people believe they are a cosmetic issue, they are very often an indicator of a hidden varicose veins loitering underneath and, if left untreated, the thread veins will remain and may even continue to increase in number and size.

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Thread Veins Found On The Leg

Additionally if you do have thread veins we recommend having a duplex ultrasound scan. At The Whiteley Clinic our scans are performed by specialist sonographers who have experience in looking for hidden Varicose Veins. The scan can take up to an hour and this can help achieve an accurate diagnosis.

At The Whiteley Clinic we recommend Microsclerotherapy to treat Thread Veins. Around 80% of patients report an ‘excellent result’ after completion of treatment. A further 15% of patients reporting ‘good improvement’ in the visible signs.

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