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Varicose vein research leads to the best treatments

by – September 9, 2016

Research leads to best varicose veins treatment

How can we find out what is the best varicose vein surgery?

There are many different techniques available. However the answer is simple – research.

All medicine needs research to get the best results. Varicose vein surgery is just the same.

At The Whiteley Clinic, we have a constant varicose veins research program. This makes sure that we know what produces the best results and hence why we can offer the very best varicose vein surgery available.

Our research projects are conducted by our own PhD and summer research students. These are based in The Whiteley Clinic and The University of Surrey.

We research treatments for not just varicose veins, but other venous conditions. These include thread veins (spider veins), leg ulcers and venous eczema. All of our findings care collected together as The Whiteley Protocol®.

All of our doctors, nurses, vascular technologists and scientists follow The Whiteley Protocol®, which is why all of our patients get the same great treatment regardless of which clinic they attend.

Examples of our research striving for the best Varicose Vein Surgery

The Whiteley Clinic’s research stretches across the whole of endovenous surgery. We research the effect of lasers, radiofrequency and scleotherapy on the vein walls as well as the best ways to image the veins.

We have spent years finding out how we can provide the best patient experience during varicose vein surgery. One of our PhD students actually found which techniques are the best to reduce pain and anxiety during varicose vein surgery.

We are constantly striving to provide the best varicose vein surgery available and to also make sure that we can keep improving the results and the patient experience in the future.

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