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What are the chances of varicose veins growing back after surgery?

by – October 3, 2013

Does standing at work increase the risk of veins coming back? And what are the chances of varicose veins coming back after surgery?

“Firstly, standing does not increase the risk of veins coming back again. However, if you have varicose veins or hidden varicose veins underneath and if you stand a lot at work then the risk of them getting worse quicker is much higher.

What are the risks of diseased veins coming back again after varicose vein surgery? This really depends on the surgical technique used. If you use the old stripping technique the risks are very high every year afterwards. If, on the other hand, you use the latest endothermal techniques using the endovenous laser or endovenous radio frequency methods, especially if used in the right way, the recurrence rates are very, very low. If combined with procedures such as the perforator treatments using TRLOP, or in women the pelvic vein treatments, or foam schlerotherapy, put together in what we use as The Whiteley Protocol®, the chances of recurrence are low.

At the The Whiteley Clinic we’ve managed to get recurrence rates down to 3.3% per year and it’s impossible to get lower than that because that’s the genetic risk of getting veins back again.”

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