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Mark Whiteley answers your questions about leg ulcers

by – May 5, 2014

If you do have any questions about leg ulcers, here at The Whiteley Clinic, we encourage you to tell us your story, including how long you have had them as well as pictures. This will make it easier for us to assess them.

In general, if you do have a leg ulcer with surrounding brown skin, maybe it has come and gone a couple of times and you are able to walk and sleep at night without having to hang your leg out of bed, then it is highly likely to be a venous leg ulcer rather than just a leg ulcer.

The great thing about venous ulcers is that it is almost always possible to cure them. I don’t mean just heal them, as nurses do with bandages. If all you are doing is bandaging the ulcers, making them heal in the short term then, when the bandages come off, the ulcers come back again. This is not a cure.
We are talking about a surgical cure; so we find out which veins are causing the problem, and then using pinhole Endovenous surgery, under local anaesthetic, we can cure the underlying cause and that means the leg ulcer will be cured once and for all.

This will improve your quality of life and eliminate years and years of all sorts of dressings and associated problems you would probably have had in the future.

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