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Leg thread veins and spider veins due to Hidden Varicose Veins – Mark Whiteley explains

by – May 5, 2014

Anne in London has been going to a cosmetic surgery for a couple of years, having regular injections for thread veins. She has asked why her treatment is not working; particularly as she is having microsclerotherapy, which she knows, is the best way forward for thread veins.

We asked whether Anne had been given a Duplex Ultra Sound scan first, and she hadn’t. She is probably one of the 89% of people who have thread veins on the surface and no visible varicose veins, but has ‘hidden’ varicose veins underneath.

The problem with treating those thread veins without treating the underlying veins first, is that the chance of success is very low. In fact, what our experience and research reveals, is that it could even make the matter worse by something called telangiectatic matting. Many people think that this is just an allergic reaction to having microsclerotherapy treatment, but it is actually a horrible red mass of veins on the surface. The only time we see this is in patients who have had the veins injected and when there is an unidentified underlying varicose vein problem that has not been treated.
As many varicose veins are hidden and cannot been seen with the naked eye, because they are too deep, it is absolutely essential to have a Duplex Ultra Sound scan before any thread vein treatment, if you want to get the very best results.

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