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Professor Mark Whiteley replies to questions about veins and Halloween!

by – October 30, 2013

A man who frequents a place in America called Elm Street, whose name is Freddie, asked “What would happen if he removed all the veins from someone; would that cause them a problem?”

As we are vein experts at The Whiteley Clinic, we would have to say that it is not a good idea to remove all the veins from someone, it could be quite disastrous and we would not recommend it.

We also had a question from Dr Acula, in Transylvania, who has asked if the quality of blood that comes out of varicose veins is the same as the blood he finds from other veins?

This has not been looked at in terms of quality but what we do know is that varicose vein blood loses more oxygen because it is refluxing. However, it depends on what the blood is being used for!

Finally, we have had a question from Dr Frank-N-Furter who has said that he is striving to make a perfect man. He wondered if he had the perfect man but had to transfer some varicose veins out and put some new veins in, would he be able to do that?

Well of course if you use any of our new Endovenous laser treatments you can get perfect veins without having to transfer them at all!

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